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Mother laments after her daughter secretly used her shop as collateral to secure a loan

A mother has lamented bitterly after her biological daughter secretly used her shop as a collateral to secure a loan, and squandered the money.

She wrote,

“As a married woman, you should not just pray for children, pray not to have children that will also be your doom.

I was at my shop today when this man walked in, said he was looking for my daughter. I was like who are you? He said it’s not my business.

Okay, so u came to my shop to look for my own daughter and ur telling me it’s not my business. I was quiet. He kept standing and asking me where she is.

At a point, I became tired and I asked him to get out of my shop if he doesn’t tell me why he’s looking for my daughter.

At that moment, he was like, she’s your daughter? I said it’s not your business. He started pestering me to speak up. He said he knows why he’s asking.

I was like okay yes. So what is the problem? This man went on to tell me how my own daughter has been collecting money from him and then showed him my shop as collateral.

He needs his money now and wants to claim my shop for himself. My daughter has squandered all the money spending on men.

My own daughter did not tell me about loan, I have been struggling to pay school fees and thinking she is in school. Not knowing that she is busy taking loans and using her mother’s shop as collateral for a loan that she has no idea of how to pay back. I don’t know what to do anymore. She is nowhere to be found”.

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