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Lady narrates how her mother-in-law maltreated her because she didn’t marry as a virgin

A lady has taken to social media to narrate how her mother-in-law treated her badly because she didn’t marry as a virgin.

Sharing her story, she revealed how she also found out that her mother-in-law was performing some sort of rituals with her virgin daughter in-laws.


“My mother-in-law said she won’t have anything to do with me or my children because I did not marry her son as a virgin.

Help me ask this woman if her own son was a virgin when he met me? This woman doesn’t want to ever set her eyes on me or my kids.

I used to think everything was just normal mother-in-law maltreatment and I just decided to let her be, until I found out why she really wants a virgin for her son.

Ever Since I found out two months ago, she has been faking niceness with me. Deep down, I know it is because she doesn’t want me to leak her secret but I’m not buying that nonsense.

So last two months there was a wedding ceremony holding and normally I won’t go to their village because she doesn’t like me and my children, but since it was my husband’s brother and he was somehow nice to us, my husband begged me to follow.

Thank God I listened and followed. I got to the village, went to my husband’s room jeje and laid down. I didn’t bother going to the kitchen as I don’t want any embarrassment.

At about 10pm, I wanted to urinate and when I got to the backyard, I heard this woman conversing with an idol on how her new daughter-in-law to be is a virgin and how her life can be used to prolong her own life gradually.

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Things are happening in this world. You all need to be very careful out there. Mind the people you talk with cause people are evil. I had to scream when I heard that and she followed me immediately but I ran away. Since then, she has been acting nice but I know what she wants”.



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