Being mentally strong comes with a whole lots of benefit such that we can live a more happy life irrespective of the situation but first we have to understand that we all possess different degrees of mental strength and not necessarily mean that some are born with mental weakens while others possess superpowers.
Below are 5 tips to help your develop mental strength so as to live a more happy and fearless life.

Everyone no doubt is looking for relevance ,attention while at the extreme seeking to be pleased , while trying to please everyone seems to you as attainable. It’s definitely not!
What you’re trying to do is to control how other people feel, what they should think and how they should react in a particular situation.

Trying to please everyone drains you emotionally and mentally especially When you’re not getting the desired result or reactions you want from them.
To be mentally and emotional strong, get rid of the please everyone feat, accepting that it is not your job to make everyone happy would go a long way in building your mental strength.
However,being kind and generous is a different thing. trying to please everyone may be as a result of your own selfishness and it will never allow you attain your goal.
Simple put when you please everyone, you displease yourself
We all have experienced bad things happened to us. This may include, an abuse, maltreatment, shame , regrets or even loss of a loved one. Most times , these things have left a deep wound in our heart that we fear healing. However, the fear of getting out of unpleasant past memories only keep us stuck in it.
To build mental strength, you have to let go of the past ,it doesn’t do us any good, all it does is to steal beautiful memories of the future and makes you wallow in regret of things you should or shouldn’t have done.
Research has shown that dwelling in the past could create room for diseases relating to heart problems and cancer.
More so ,understanding that you’re no longer in control of the past neither can you rewind it is a key to building strong mental health.

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For most people, aloneness is worse than catching a cold. While for others ,they could do a lot of things enjoying their own company.
Solitude can increase productivity and helps strengthen your mental health and this could apply to anyone and not just introverts .Here are some examples of what to do while you remain in solitude.
think about your goals.
think about your feelings.
do something that makes you happy.
You don’t have to play it safe all the time, intact, life is too short for you not to take risk. And when I say risk , I mean calculated risk. There’s a difference between being foolish and taking risk. While the former may rupture your mental health drastically.
Taking calculated risks builds mental strength and makes you create room for improvement and confidence.
Most people do not attain certain level of success because they fear taking actions.
Envy is a bad thing and it shows mental weakness. Envy doesn’t just end at wanting what someone has. For instance wishing that someone else’s success becomes yours. It goes a long way to not even wanting that person to attain that success.
If you’re always comparing other peoples wealth, achievement or even relationship with yours. It’s a sign that you’re envious , there’s no two ways about it as it weakens you mentally because you will never focus on your own goals ,you tend to belittle your skills and a feeling of discontentment, thereby leading to anxiety and depression.
Avoid unreasonable comparison

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Know your strength and work on it.
Focus on things that are fair and merit.

Hope this tips were helpful. Comment below which one were you most likely guilty of.

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