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A Poem: Cross Road Of Destiny / Apeh Hyginus Jnr

Strong legs, Cold feet 
Can’t count my steps 
Guess mother earth made them so
Still trying to recall my steps
Only to realize that the pilots are far away

Unknown steps kept me standing like and obstacle 
The face of the pilots kept piercing my heart 
Steps I seek but none came by
Only nature who came to my rescue 
Shortly the day turner came pass me

Faces of fellow sailors I see 
Before we set out for other sea’s 
Sold some to the pilot
Sold others to my fellow sailors 
And to the fishes in the sea
Who stares with their eyes popped out like furious fools.

I left the sea for the forest
And become a fearful warrior before my pilot
Suddenly the day turner came too soon 
And took away all the shame,  shyness and what have you

The cross road became too narrow I only strive to get across
Sounds of ranging thoughts came calling 
Got drenched by sounds of weakened fellow

I could barely carry my feet
The day turner starts changing 
The day becoming younger 
The pilots calculating our cost
Smiling like a fool I was
Heart beats could be heard from afar
Shortly the other sailors moved forward and was given their cost

Strong legs 
Cold feet 
One clear call
A call to me
And that was the day-turner calling
He reminded me that the day is getting younger 
So we set out to the sea.



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