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Rapture for sale: pastor makes money as church members pay N310k each in exchange for heaven.

Pastor Ade Abraham, a Nigerian preacher has allegedly convinced his church members to pay him the sum of N310k each for them to make heaven

Pastor Ade Abraham has reportedly built a new camp in Ekiti state where he claims the gate of heaven exists. Photo credits: FIJ and Buena Vista Images/Getty Images
Source: UGC

A Nigerian preacher named Pastor Ade Abraham has allegedly built a camp in Ekiti state where he has told his members the gate of heave exists

To make it to the camp, Pastor Ade charges the sum of N310k which is said to be a fee for him to fly his willing members to heaven

Already, a video has shown that some persons are in the camp and have vehemently refused to come back as they say rapture is coming soon

How he convinced them

Pastor Abraham’s church was formerly based in Kaduna state but he relocated to Omuo-Ekiti in 2021. He apparently went to establish the new camp.

He however returned to Kaduna and then convinced his members about a certain gate which he said will open for them to fly to heaven.

We are not coming back, campers say

Some members of the church are already camping in Ekiti state and preparing for the end of the world.

They have vowed not to come back as they say they are going to heaven from the camp.

The shocking story was originally published by FIJ and was later reposted on Instagram by @instablog9ja where it attracted heavy reactions from Nigerians.

Watch videos from Pastor Abraham’s camp below:

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