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How to Buy Data on Airtel Check Migration and Subscription Code

Buy Data on Airtel 2021:Are you searching for how to buy data on Airtel? Airtel is one of Nigeria’s biggest providers of telecommunications services. It is famous as it has a large range of competitive internet service tariff plans for its customers. so, we are here to provide you the best and cheapest Data Bundles Plans for your Android Smartphones and PC, Laptops for those using Airtel Nigeria.


Airtel is one of the biggest and cheapest telecom networks in Nigeria and compared to other networks such as MTN and Etisalat.

 It provides affordable data plans and incentives, data can be used on smartphones such as Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, and data packs can also be used to search and download on PCs, smart TVs, and tablets.

As a matter of fact, Airtel Nigeria boasts some of the cheapest data plans out there. No wonder the network tags itself the smartphone network.

Airtel Data Plan Codes

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It’s practically obvious that Airtel has the best and largest coverage compared to her competitors in Nigeria today. Starting from their Airtel cheap data plan to strong network coverage. You can check other plans on Airtel such as:

  • N1500 for 6GB – 7 Days – *141*1504#
  • N1,000 1.5GB – 30 Days – *141*1000#
  • N1,200 2GB – 30 Days – *141*1200#
  • N1,500 3GB – 30 Days – *141*1500#
  • N2,000 4.5GB – 30 Days – *141*2000#
  • N2,500 6GB – 30 Days – *141*2500#
  • N3,000 8GB – 30 Days – *141*3000#
  • N4,000 11GB – 30 Days – *141*4000#
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