A man, narrate how his neighbor tried to rape him in his apartment.

In his words he said.

 I decided to share this because it has been bothering me and I want to lose this trauma as soon as possible. So it happened I moved to this house just last December and there’s this single undergraduate that occupies the flat beside me, we have been friends since I moved in but we just kept it that way.

I noticed some famzing and name calling like boyfriend and co as time went on, but I didn’t add so much importance to it because I thought well, we were getting along so well as just neighbors mind you she knows I bang girls , I don’t have a relationship but she knows like 2 girls that I shag regularly Nd I also know her bf

We smoked together, sometimes she cooks and offers me some which I appreciate but ever since I bought my new gen she has been using that opportunity to stay so late at my side , even after all other niggaz go to their various flats to rest, she will still remain and disguise like she’s still charging just for us to be left alone

So last night, I guess she couldn’t hold it anymore and she stylishly asked my friend to please leave for his room cos she wants to Bleep me (he told me that this morning ) though I haven’t told him yet what the girl did so I’m thinking maybe she has been planning this all along. God knows I don’t find this girl attractive at all but it is what it is I told her it is not happening anymore and if she tries to initiate it again I will charge her for assault and rape

Imagine this girl just came over me and started rubbing my dick, even though I protested she said she would scream I wanted to rape her. I’m just glad my friend is telling me this now this morning so that would also be part of evidence when I’m ready to take charges

I’m so bleeped up right now

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