One Basheer Ola from Iwo, Osun, has claimed that a member of his team who is related to the 22-year old Shakirat killed by suspected ritualists, told him her mother had advised her not go out the day she went missing.

“About the view I heard from my team this night. This girl is also my younger sister but on Tuesday her mom called her not to go where she said she was going but she refused,” he wrote.

“According to the report gathered by NaijaCover, her mummy dragged with her hair bead and her phone fall. Instead of her to obey her mom, she left her mom and her phone.

“Yesterday morning around 11am at oja ale in pankuku side she come to a place where I met her and she was watching film there. Later on I left her there. Later now I hear that she is dead.

“But the amazing fact I learn from this incident is to obey our parents. From Tuesday she don’t sleep at her mom’s place. She is hanging out with yahoo boy”

See Screenshots As Obtained By NaijaCover Below:

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