Man Arrested In Lagos After Sleeping With Married Woman And Posting Photos On Social Media

A Nigerian man, Joshua Samuel, 28 has been arrested by the police after sleeping with a married woman, recording it and posting the clip on social media.

The Lagos State Command said the incident happened at Prophet Amoo Street, Abaranje area of Ikotun, Lagos where Samuel resides and works as post master.

According to PM Express, trouble was said to have started after the husband of the victim, who is mother of two kids, travelled abroad and left the woman and two children in their rented apartment. However, the rent expired and the woman was unable to pay. The owner of the house sent her away and threw her property outside rendering her homeless.

It was then that Samuel met her, offered to assist and asked her to move into his apartment pending when she will get money to rent another apartment.

According to the residents, immediately the woman moved into Samuel’s apartment, he started sleeping with her. And since she had no place to go with her children, as the husband was yet to send money for another accommodation, she allowed Samuel to continue to have his way with her.

Unknown to her, while Samuel was sleeping with her, he was secretly recording the s#x actions, which he stored on his mobile phone and laptop. When the victim eventually secured another accommodation and moved out from Samuel’s apartment, she decided to leave Samuel and moved on with her life. That did not go down well with Samuel, who threatened to expose her unclothedness if she will not continue to satisfy his sexual desires. When the victim resisted the threat, Samuel then uploaded some of their edited s#x actions showing the woman’s unclothedness alone to the public.

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The victim later got to know when one of her relations, who saw the nude photographs, called and forwarded them to her and she broke down in tears. And since then, she has been in shock over Samuel’s dastardly act.

She later summoned courage and reported the matter to the Police. The Police operatives went into action; trailed Samuel, eventually arrested and detained him for interrogation.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the suspect, Samuel, has already confessed to have shared the photographs on some social media handles and claimed he was only using it as a joke.

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