The actor was at the church in 2013, following his quest to find a permanent healing for his ailing mother then.

“About nine years after his alleged deliverance at late TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has relived memories of the encounter, saying “It almost ruined his acting career.”

The actor was at the church in 2013, following his quest to find a permanent healing for his ailing mother then.

Reliving his ugly experience during an interview with Chude Jideonwo, which was shared on Instagram, Jim Iyke said whatever happened at the church on that fateful day was not a stunt contrary to news that made rounds.

According to him, he was in dire straits over his mother’s ailment, hence his visit to the church.

Iyke said when orthodox medicine failed them after he took his mum to Houston and India in search of healing for her ailment, a senator friend of his advised him to take her to Synagogue led by late TB Joshua.

“When orthodox medicine failed us from Houston. I took my whole family to India to be with my mum and she started getting better. This is the light of your life for crying out loud, I am not going to wager it for theatrics, for melodrama.”

“At some point, an offer was made to us to take her to synagogue by a senator friend of mine. I refused but after much pressure from my family, I said okay, I want to go if they will save her, I will go,”

“They told us to put her in a hospital close to the church. There was a Presidential Suite I was accorded. While I was there, I said okay, let’s get started, they said I must come down to join the service . I said I don’t have to come down to join the service and that you people promised to heal her. Do God need me to be there…”

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“I said I will live in this church for two years if you heal my mum.( ( So after a while, they had a meeting and said you need to come down. I remember I was there, my sister was behind me when this guy came and was doing stuff. When he crossed me, I chuckled.”

( “Then he came back to me, my brother I don’t know what happened after that.”

“This world is deep, there’s a spiritual something I’ve come to notice about this world that is way beyond us.”

“What happened I don’t know, I saw the video and said that’s not me but that was me. I am not an island of knowledge. I have done my part. But one thing that’s of a truth is that until I die, I am the true son of Gladys. I will never and ever do away with her memory and legacy by telling lies. I have said it time and again that if what I have said is not true, let somebody come and prove that he gave me money. My mum was in a coma in the hospital. What disappointed me was the fact that TB Joshua didn’t touch her, he didn’t even see her eye to eye. I thought my career has ended after that day,” Jim Iyke narrated.

Jim iyke’s synagogue deliverance session went viral in 2013 and nine years after that horrible experience the actor still feels hurt even though he has forgiven all those who were involved in the melodrama. He was said to have confessed that an evil spirit was tormenting his life during the session.

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