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Man Narrates Love Story With Girlfriend Who Moved To UK

A Nigerian man identified as DivineDarling on Twitter has narrated his love story with girlfriend who moved to the UK.

Sharing his experience via Twitter, Divine said:

“2004 I was in first year medical school, when my ‘girl friend’ visited me from Lagos and told me she got visa to UK and will be moving.

That night I thought hard about it, and cou8 hardly sleep. She said she had got everything ready except flight ticket which was about 160k.

In the morning, I decided to let her go, if it is meant to be we will work it out. A year earlier I met when I was processing my student visa to Uni Omaha for a Pre-pharm. And no jupita could have stopped me from going had I got the visa.

Before she left, I took her to the salon and got her hair braided, I gave the money for the flight ticket. And watched her enter Ifesinachi bus back to Lagos, not knowing if I would see her again. She flew out that Saturday.

She never came back a d hasn’t come back to Nigeria since then. I never travelled out until 7yrs later after my internship.

Today, I am married to that same lady. And we are blessed with children. Marriage should be a union of purpose and vision. Each should encourage the other to pursue their dreams and accomplish his or her purpose.

Guess what; from my second year, I never bought clothes or phones for my self. She was sending clothes and designers perfumes, newest Nokia phones each year, while I was sending food stuffs. She was calling almost on daily basis, on normal call. She got me my first laptop.”



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