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Omemma Ojoto: Meet The Igbo Man Developing The Biggest Estate In VGC Lagos

Ndi Igbo remain the most resilient, hardworking and industrious ethnic group in Nigeria today, and indeed in the entire black race.

It is said that even the ends of the earth have Igbo men. Wherever there are no such men, it translates to the place being a dead zone. They dominate various fields of human endeavor. In the academia, as professionals in different spheres and as business men, they hold their own, and build intimidating profiles, starting often with nothing but sheer grit, an eye for opportunities and unrelenting hard work. It is instructive to note that these people started with almost nothing after the bitter civil war that nearly tore the heart of the Nigerian State.

Just like other sectors, it is becoming clearer by the day that they will soon be the major stakeholders in the real estate business. This is by sheer dint of hard work and providence. Among the Igbos sticking out their neck in the industry is Chief Amb. Emmanuel Udechukwu (Omemma Ojoto), a time tested developer who is bestriding the real estate sector like a colossus. Chief Udechukwu is barely 13 years in the industry but has built a brand that Ndi Igbo and Nigerians are proud to be associated with. He is the founder of Roxbury Leisure Homes and has become a by word for quality.

Roxbury Leisure Homes has become a dominant name in the industry, providing bespoke world-class real estate product to clients. It is a one stop shop for real estate consultancy services for both private and public clients such as real estate developers, estate agency, facility management, feasibility and viability study. A company built on the foundation of integrity, it has sold more than 2000 apartments with over 2500 satisfied clients including about 1500 listed properties and still counting. This is huge.

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Recently, the Chairman won Anambra Real Estate Person of the Year for his contribution towards bridging the huge housing deficit in the country and the fact that they are the numero uno in real estate solutions and development around VGC. It therefore behooves Nigerians when thinking real estate to think Roxbury because they stand for authenticity, peace of mind, luxury and quality. Roxbury Leisure Homes is poised to claim the top spot in luxury apartments in the country, and like Lawyers say, they are gradually “covering the field”.

Source:- Anambrapeople



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