Please Marry My Daddy When I Die, 11 Years Old Girl Begs Lady in Final Letter Before Dying of Cancer, Story Goes Viral


A little girl has broken many hearts on the internet with a final letter she wrote to her dad’s friend whom she described as kind

The girl named Christabel penned the touching letter because she described her mother as wicked and wanted the recipient to marry her dad

Marrie-Anne Billions Koomson, the lady who received the touching later shared it on Twitter and preached that people should learn to be kind

Christable’s wish is that Marrie-Ann Billions Koomson marries her dad. Photo credit: Twitter/marie_koomson, Getty Images/Andersen Ross, and Getty Images/Hinterhaus Productions.
Source: UGC

Her dad’s friend, named Marrie-Anne Billions Koomson shared the letter on Twitter and it made many people emotional.

she wrote:

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