He Waited for More Than 50 Years: Man Finally Becomes Father, Welcomes 1st Child at Age 83


Mzee Yosia Mwesigye (centre) carrying his newborn baby. Photo: Daily Monitor.
Source: UGC

Mzee Yosia Mwesigye had waited for 57 years to have a child in his previous marriage but his late wife could not bear him one

The elderly man who remained loyal to his late wife, however, has no regrets about her failure to bear him a child Mwesigye married the love of his life, Jane Tukamuhabwa who is now deceased on April 25, 1962, while he was only 23 years old.

When they visited hospitals, they were told they were fertile but unfortunately, in 2005, Tukamuhabwa was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she died in 2018

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