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A Poem: Will she be happy to see me?/ Apeh Hyginus Jnr

The night you came to my house with the news of the infant-unborn child, I was indeed happy and at the same time terrified, and you seemed very happy about it, when you left, I was drown in thought, so many question in my head which I’ve got no answers for, how will mum take this or feel if she hears this? I said to myself. I’m the first son in the family of three;

I was supposed to set examples for my siblings and not this. So the next day, I came to your house, there was no one at home but you, perfect timing I said to myself. And saw you cooking, you were looking so beautiful, just like the first day I saw you, your eyes like that of an angel, I cannot compare you to any mortal, your smile was heartwarming that could make an angry man happy just by looking at your face, this kept me thinking what will the unborn child look like, probably an epitome of beauty, the main definition of beauty itself, I was revived from my trance of thought by your lovely hands on my chest, you were standing at my back and said, the food is ready my king. I gave a fake smile and kissed you on the lip.

Then you stopped and said jokingly “the food is getting cold” then we moved over to the dining table, and after having some spoons, you realized that there was no water on the table, then you went to kitchen to get us water, this gave me the opportunity to add the substance into your food, I was told it’s for abortion. You came back with the water and a smile which made me feel guilty of what I’ve done, I was scared, still thinking of what to do, and you’ve gone half plate. This made me more scared, so I told you that I’ll be leaving that I want to see a friend who lost his dad, I lied. And you said okay, and told me, how much you love me and the unborn child, I just gave a fake smile, kissed you and left not knowing it was the last time I’ll get to see you.

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The next day I went to your house and was told you’ve passed away, I just laughed and went straight inside the house, I say you mum and your aging dad, sitting sober, I stood still, memories of you, of us, flash in my mind, then I was told that you died last night, then I knew you died because of the substance I gave to you the previous day, Jesus, what have I done?

 I said to myself. I could not say anything because it seems like a part of me left. I just synced into a sofa. My head buried in my hands, what if I took responsibility of the pregnancy and handle it like a man, you’ll probably still be here, and what if I had told you not to keep the pregnancy off course you’ll suggest otherwise and definitely come up with a better way to handle it, but no, I was too scared, so I did that without your concert. I guess there is still something I can do, I need to take the responsibility of my action like a man, I had to turn myself in.

I was arrested and taken to prison and within a couple of days I was sentenced to death by hanging,  at first I was scared of dying, but on a second thought, Guess they gave me an opportunity to be with you and our child, so I had to accept my fate. On the day of my death, I was taken to a room, mainly what I can see, was just a rope and a chair, then I was told to stand on the chair, while they tire the rope around my neck, and I was told to make my last wish, there was this officer with a book, then I said, tell my mum not to worry, that I will be fine, tell her that I had to see the world, I’ll be back soon. Don’t tell her I’m in jail, tell her I’m searching for a girl, don’t tell her all you’ve seen. Then this officer went straight to where I was standing and removed the poor little chair.

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Will she be happy to see me?



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