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2023: Why We Must Remain Obidient To The End – Smart Omo-Idemudia

“I don’t know whether you have them in your house. Just ask them, ‘Which party are you?’, they say ‘Obidients’; you understand. They do not want us; they are not talking about PDP or APC. They are looking for alternatives and they are many. You see all of them queuing for their PVCs now. They are not looking at the direction of PDP or APC now. They are looking for alternatives.”

Peter Obi

Those were the exact words of the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, who spoke to his party members at the PDP secretariat in Edo State a few days ago. His statements are a testament to what Nigerians are yearning for: a change in the manner the country is presently governed.

What a slap at the faces of the two major political parties. Of course, Godwin Obaseki has seen the light and recognized the need for Nigerians to embrace constructive change, a transformation driven by sincerity and integrity rather than deception, as is currently demonstrated by the APC and the PDP.

There is currently a mood of anger in the political system that has been stirring across the federation, and instead of turning away from the rotten system, the people have decided to seek a greater say in matters affecting their daily lives, and they want to become more effective participants in the political process by voting out the two dominant parties. This is what we call the peoples mandate and it needs no structure.

It is critical to rule with the trust of the people; the battle will be titanic and difficult, but Nigerians will succeed, just as they did in South Africa, France, and, most recently, Ukraine. Using Ukraine as an example, Volodymyr Zelensky, a lawyer and comedian, defied the system by defeating an incumbent President with over 73 percent of the vote with a party created in less than two years.

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The heavens would not fall if Peter Obi wins the next presidential elections.This is what we must do to keep the fire burning.

Did you realize that only approximately 40% of registered voters actually vote?

Are you aware that the 60 percent of people who decline to vote are tired and sick of the way the country is run, but they are uncertain that their votes will be counted?

Are you aware that of the 40% who vote, 80% are affiliated with a political party? So how can we expect changes when the people who intended the country to fail are the majority turning out to vote on election days?

As a result, we must reach out to the undecided and explain why they must vote, as well as reassure them that Peter Obi is a legitimate option. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but the truth is that the governing class, such as Obaseki, makes the work easier with their confession of having failed us.

The fact that Obaseki is considering joining the Labour Party demonstrates that there is a real alternative to the tax collectors and Godfathers who are feeding fat on our shared wealth.

Nigeria is the World’s Poverty Capital, thanks to the same Grandfathers who refuse to allow their Children and Grandchildren with innovative and creative ideas to rule.

We must keep the fire burning and sustain the mileage we have made with the ongoing voters registration , slow and steady they say wins the race. We must be OBIDIENT to the end.

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From Island Communications Village, Smart Omo-Idemudia writes.

Source:- iReporteronline



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