6 Mistakes You Will Make as a Fresher in UNN

“Fresher” is short for “freshman” – which is another word for “first-year university student.” Making mistakes is all part of the freshers’ experience. But your life will be a whole lot easier if you know the pitfalls lying ahead.

1. Making friends.

Make friends with people who will make your stay here work. Some persons you will meet here have actually been self-designed by your village people to make your stay here uncomfortable. Don’t let them outsmart you. And you must also remember the saying

2. Spend wisely.

It’s not every funny looking book brought by every hungry looking fellow that you must buy. You will see books like “How to make First Class in your first five minutes in school!” etc. Learn how to save your money for important things.

3. Leaving that assignment until last minute.

If you are someone who has an A in procrastination, you will pay for it with C’s and D’s in your results! Leaving assignments until 3am on the morning of submission can make you prone to mistakes and shoddy work. Do it on time!

4. Joining Societies and Fellowships.

In your first few weeks in the Uni, you will find yourself feeling like some Prince Akeem of Zamunda Kingdom as a result of the attention you will get from different societies. The catch is; inasmuch as it’s cool to join some of them, you will put yourself in trouble if you commit to more than you can handle.

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5. Ignoring the non-drinking events.

In your first semester, a lot of activities are organized to initiate you into the culture of the school. These, of course, include a handful of parties, and then other events where it’s just talk. Okay, so just talk sounds boring I know, but these are the events that will go a long way in helping you set your priorities right. So, go to the parties, but don’t forget the ‘just-talk’ events.

6. Choosing a roomie.

For those who will be staying in the hostel, this will be totally left to providence, (and brothers and sisters, say a little prayer on that). If however, you are planning to live off K, you might want to find a roommate to cut down the high cost of rent and save your parents some blushes. You will quickly make a lot of friends who will appear cool and stuff, but for your future sanity, give it some time before figuring out who your housemate could be, before you make your first year miserable already.

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